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Star Racing Southwick Results

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Star Racing Motocross Round 10 Race Report:

Southwick, MA. (August 27, 2011) The AMA MX National Series went into action over the weekend at Motocross 338 for the tenth round of the series. Being the toughest track of the year with its deep sand; it always results to be a true test of man and machinery. DNA Shred Stix/Star Racing/Yamaha was fielding top prospects of #25 Ryan Sipes, #35 Kyle Cunningham, #387 Gareth Swanepoel, #533 Gannon Audette, and #1 Jessica Patterson.

The big highlight came out of Swanepoel in moto one, taking the holeshot, he then settled into a strong pace and held the lead for five laps. Riding at his best and only dropping one position, 2nd Swanepoel held the pace of the leader through the halfway mark which enabled him to capitalize on other competitor’s mistakes. Lap eleven saw the Yamaha pilot takeover the 1st spot, and at this point he showed strength by finding his lines and breaking away. With three laps remaining, he not only increased his lead on 2nd place, but took control of the race and marched on to his first win and podium appearance. Moto two for Swanepoel was just as impressive, as a start of 7th was only a sign of good things. Moving up quickly and finding good form, Gareth took over 5th on lap one. Dicing it out, unfortunately he crashed in a deep sand turn on lap four, and that slated him back to 7th again. Never the one to settle, during the entire thirty minutes without any weakness, Swanepoel secured 5th place which gave him a very commendable 3rd overall.

Audette turned in the strongest performance of his young career by starting in 6th, and after a few great moments he battled right to the end, finishing 4th. Moto two panned out to be a much more trying event, on lap one Gannon found himself starting in 40th after being taken down in a pileup. Forging forward after remounting, put him into a mid pack position by the halfway mark, keeping with a great charge ahead; he’d settle netting 16th place in the moto.

Riding like he hadn’t missed a beat after suffering from low energy levels, in the first moto Sipes got out of the gate in 11th. From there, Sipes put down some solid laps early on, and took his #25 YZ 250F upward into 9th. As time counted down to midway point, Sipes raced his way up to the competitors holding 5th. Using any reserved energy he had, Sipes put in his best effort to snatch a higher placing, but in the end it was just out of reach and he’d finish out in 6th. When moto two came to existence, Sipes could be found in the 7th spot. Continuing the comeback, the focused kid tried to work in the same grand fashion as earlier. At the halfway point though Sipes began feeling ill possibly from swallowing sand, and eventually Sipes would pull off in the next few laps.

Also running was Cunningham who gave his all and put together an impressive first part of moto one by running 7th, but crashes kept him from finishing. Feeling battered and bruised, the team and Cunningham decided that sitting out of moto two, to heal up would be beneficial. On a bright note, Cunningham still holds 4th position in overall points.
Moto 1 Moto 2 = Overall Finish
Gareth Swanepoel 1st 5th = 3rd
Gannon Audette 4th 16th = 8th
Ryan Sipes 6th 35th = 14th
Kyle Cunningham 34th 37th = 37th

Also adding to the great race results, was Jessica Patterson our WMX pilot who had a devastating moto one, crashing on lap two led to her being unable to restart the bike and a finish of 27th. Moto two was business as usual and a steady performance of leading every lap for the win. However, Jessica’s going 27-1 gave her 6th overall.

Star Racing is proudly supported by:
DNA Shred Stix, Yamaha Motor Corp, Scott Sports, N-Fab, FMF, Cosworth, Sycuan Casino, North County Yamaha, DNA Energy Drink, GYTR, Factory Effex, Dunlop, Easton EXP, Enzo, Renegade Fuels, Sunstar, Motion Pro, ARC, ODI Grips, RK Chains, Excel A60 rims, Yamalube, Ride Engineering, Twin Air, LightSpeed, Braking, Vortex Ignitions, ICW, JD Built, Crank Works, Eibach, Met Tec, Tammer MX

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Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki Southwick Results

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CORONA, Calif. (August 29, 2011) – Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Tyla Rattray bounced back from a tough race at Unadilla to take the overall win with a 2-1 result at Round 10 of the AMA Motocross Championship series at MX 338 in Southwick, Mass. Teammate Dean Wilson finished just behind Rattray with a 3-2 result for second overall, stretching his points lead to 38 over second in the standings. Blake Baggett tackled the rain-soaked track both motos to finish fifth with a 9-6 moto score. Broc Tickle showed his speed as he finished fifth in the first moto and came from behind after a crash in the second moto to finish 12th for seventh overall.

Winner of the Southwick National last year, Rattray was faced with different conditions than before as rain soaked the track most of the day. The first moto had him close to the leader for the entire race, but was unable to make the pass. He came out stronger in the second moto, making the pass for the lead early and kept his Pro Circuit-backed Kawasaki KX250F out front until the end for his fourth overall win of the season.

“I’ve ridden in tracks like this my whole life and I am able to have that show a little bit when I come here,” said Rattray. “I wasn’t feeling super confident in the first race, but we made some set-up changes and I felt much better in the second race. The track got really rough during the second moto so I just tried to be smart and ride solid laps.”

Entering the race in Southwick, Wilson had a 25-point lead over second place in the championship standings. After two solid motos in the deep, rough sand, Wilson was able to extend his lead to 38 points with four motos remaining.

“I knew this would be a challenging track for me, but my main goal was to keep it on two wheels and stay up front,” said Wilson. “I didn’t win, but I accomplished those goals and was able to get a few more points in front of second place in the standings. We’ll try and keep it together for the final two rounds. It would be nice to finish out the season with another win.”

While Baggett wasn’t able to start at the front, he worked his way through the pack for two respectable finishes. Baggett made his normal push to the front in the first moto and despite coming into the mechanics area for fresh goggles, still earned ninth. He was ready to redeem himself in the second moto and was able to come from outside the top-15 to finish sixth for fifth overall.

“I am not really a fan of sand tracks and haven’t had much time riding on them,” said Baggett. “Coming through the pack normally isn’t too much of an issue for me, but this track was tough with all the sand roost and then it started to rain pretty hard in the first moto. I knew I couldn’t make it if I didn’t come in for goggles. Overall, I’m just happy to get through this race and I’m going to be ready to get another win.”

Tickle had been hoping to prove himself after bad luck at Unadilla and was able to do that in the first moto in Southwick. In the first moto, he got a mid-pack start and was able to push all the way up to fifth. While Tickle rode with the same tenacity in the second moto, he finished 12th after going down early in the race to finish the day seventh overall.

“I am really bummed with my second moto today because I felt like I was finally showing what I was capable of in the first moto,” said Tickle. “I need to get rid of this black cloud that’s following me. In the mean time, I am just going to have to stay positive and hope that everyone sees the heart I’m putting in each moto. I can say that I’ve never given up, which means something to me.”

The AMA Motocross Championship series is in its final stretch with two races to go as the series heads to Steel City Raceway in Delmont, Pa. After 10 of 12 rounds, Wilson remains in the lead with 438 points, while Rattray moved back into second with 400 points. Baggett is in third with 398 points. Rattray moved into third with 353, while Tic

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JDR/J-Star/KTM Southwick MX

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JDR/J-Star/KTM rider Tye Simmonds showed splashes of brilliance at the tenth round of the AMA Pro Motocross Championship Series held in Southwick, MA as he turned fast lap times throughout his moto but succumbed to bike troubles in moto one and a mistake in moto two that ruined his chance of a decent overall finish for the evening.

Simmonds suffered from a poor start at the beginning of moto one but quickly turned the throttle to begin his climb through the pack. He rounded the first lap in 21st and had moved to 18th by lap six. Bad luck struck on the ninth lap when he suffered a mechanical problem and had to withdraw from the race. His team quickly went to work to repair the bike and had it ready to go for the second moto.

In moto two, Simmonds had a worse start than the first moto because of his horrible gate pick. He started 27th and had passed four riders by the end of lap two. He climbed to 19th by the end of lap three and continued his charge. By the halfway point he had put together a train of consistent laps moving his KTM into 12th place. He made a few mistakes in the remaining laps that dropped him back to 15th where he finished the moto.

“I was very disappointed to not finish the first moto but I was happy with my second moto result. I have never raced Southwick before, and it is definitely more demanding on the bike and on the rider than I had imagined. I felt good the second moto and was hoping to move closer to the top ten but I made some mistakes at the end and slipped back. Overall, I am glad that we fixed the bike issue and I was able to get in one decent moto,” stated Simmonds.

Missing from action at Southwick was JDR/J-Star/KTM 250 Motocross rider PJ Larsen. The Australian Champion announced last week that he had suffered a neck injury prior to Unadilla that will keep him from competing at the remaining rounds. Larsen has been recovering at his home in California and his looking forward to making his return in the 2012 Supercross Series.

Next Event: Steel City – Delmont, PA – September 3, 2011

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Muscle Milk/Toyota/JGRMX Southwick Results

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HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (August 27, 2011) – Like much of New England, the Moto X 338 track in Southwick, Mass. is rich in history. The track is owned by American Legion Post 338, hence the name Moto X 338. The first race at the track was held in 1972 and its first professional race was in 1976. “The Wick” is the only sand track on the AMA Pro Motocross Championship tour.

Davi Millsaps continues to recover from knee surgery. While Millsaps is on the mend 20 year-old South Carolina privateer Les Smith has been piloting the second Muscle Milk/Toyota/JGRMX machine alongside Justin Brayton. The race narrowly escaped the worst of the advancing Hurricane Irene by just hours. However, the outer reach of the storm brought some off and on rain during qualifying.

Brayton began the first moto just outside of the top-10 with Smith 10th on lap one. Over the ensuing 30 minutes plus two laps the teammates advanced practically in tandem through the treacherous wet sandy conditions with Brayton finishing seventh and Smith eighth, a season best for Smith.

Shortly after the first moto a steady rain began falling on the Southwick sand and the track was quickly deteriorating. Brayton gated very well running second on the first lap with Smith sixth. To illustrate how tough the conditions had become the top-10 were turning lap times barely over two minutes in moto one, during the second moto the times were in the two minute and 25 seconds plus range. Brayton held second position for nearly the entire race, relinquishing the spot with just four laps remaining to earn a podium and season moto best third place. Smith ran comfortably in seventh for the better part of the moto ultimately finishing ninth. Brayton’s seven – three moto scores gave him fourth overall, with Smith’s eight – nine finishes crediting him with ninth for the day.

The first moto from Southwick was broadcast live on and FUEL TV. The second moto airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. (EST) on SPEED. There will be a Southwick highlights and re-cap show Thursday, Sept. 1 at 10:00 p.m. (EST) on FUEL TV. The penultimate round of the series will be Sept. 3 at Steel City Raceway in Delmont, Pa. The first moto will be aired live on and FUEL TV at 1:00 p.m. (EST). The second moto will be broadcast at 8:00 p.m. (EST) on SPEED.

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Caselli Wins Washougal WORCS

August 22nd, 2011 RK EXCEL No comments

FMF/KTM rider Kurt Caselli secured his fourth overall win at the seventh round of the WORCS Series held in Washougal, WA with a pair of moto wins.

The seventh round of the series had the first moto scheduled on Friday and the second moto on Saturday, a day earlier than the typical WORCS race schedule. Despite the change in the race schedule, Caselli adapted well and showed up a day early to the Washington area ready to race.

Friday’s moto went as planned for Caselli. He got off to a great start nailing the holeshot and pulling to an early lead. By the halfway point Caselli had pulled to a 30 second lead. With only a lap remaining he conserved his energy and backed down the pace to cruise to an easy win ahead of Suzuki’s Josh Strang and Caselli’s FMF/KTM teammate Mike Brown.

On Saturday, it was Brown who claimed the holeshot and led the first lap followed by Caselli. “This race was all about the start,” commented Brown. “It was so dusty in the off-road section because they couldn’t water back there because of the tight trees, so if you weren’t out front early you were in for a challenge.”

Luckily Brown was out front and he was able to pull away. It looked like the second moto was in his favor until he lost his rear brakes with less than two laps to go. He had to return to the pits to get the repair made which handed the lead to his teammate Caselli. Brown returned to the race in 6th place and with one lap left was able to catch back up to 5th before the checkered flag. Caselli, who did not realize Brown had pulled off, crossed the checkers to take an unexpected win in the second moto to secure the overall victory for the weekend.

“I didn’t know Brown had pulled off. I never saw him off to the side or anything so I didn’t realize I was leading. It was definitely a nice surprise to cross the finish line and figure out that I was leading the race but I’m definitely bummed for Brown, he was on fire today,” remarked Caselli.

Brown’s 3-5 finishes secured him 4th overall for the event and placed him ahead of Justin Soule, whom he has been battling in the points chase.

Amongst the KTM’s on the podium this weekend was RPM/KTM rider Kacy Martinez. She won the women’s class and increased her points lead to 11 points over the next closest competitor, Elizabeth Bash.

Next Event: September 23-25, 2011 – Glen Helen Raceway

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DNA Shred-Stix Star Racing Unadilla Report

August 16th, 2011 RK EXCEL No comments

New Berlin, NY. (August 13, 2011) – The AMA MX National Series is working it’s self into the closing stages, and by visiting the historical Unadilla Valley Sports Center in New York this past weekend another set of accomplishments were at hand for the DNA Shred Stix/Star Racing/Yamaha team. Fielding the top finishing Yamaha pilots, #35 Kyle Cunningham, #387 Gareth Swanepoel, #533 Gannon Audette, and #76 Kyle Partridge, the team felt content that some good would come of our effort.

Shining on this day would be Cunningham, after some time off where he trained feverishly, the determined youngster was head strong and choose to tackle this race. In moto one, Cunningham started off in less than stellar territory, sitting just inside the top fifteen. Very sufficiently, the #35 machine maintained the pace he needed throughout moto’s end and came away with a 8th. Changing his ways, a start of 3rd for Cunningham in moto two had him running with the leaders for more than a few laps. As the race progressed, Cunningham used his patented formula, by digging deep and putting down solid laps, this helped him steadily challenge for the podium. Cunningham’s strong will paid off, because the ever evolving rider took 4th yet again in the moto and a well deserved 4th overall on the day.

Next on the list was Swanepoel, who once again put together a solid, and consistent day which boosted him close to having a shot of acquiring the 5th position in overall points. Moto one for Swanepoel began with a 2nd place start, from there without hesitation he took a hold of the 1st position for two laps. Never the one to give up on a great opportunity, Swanepoel held 2nd late into the 30 min. +2 lap race, in the end he was able capitalize and landed in 4th. A 40th place start in moto two due to a crash would be a huge hurdle to Swanepoel and his pursuit. In the opening five laps, the likeable rider bounced back to 24th, turning his outing more positive with some great moves brought him back to 20th and in the thick of several battles. As the moto drew to a close, Swanepoel kept steady, not chancing throwing away any points and went on to finish 16th.

Seeing better days would be Audette, after a tough ride in moto one that he started in 19th, and then proceeded on a soldiering act that took him to a finish of 15th Moto two for Audette began with an 14th place start, most of his time was spent shuffling around throughout the race without any good returns. Never the less, he came away with a 14th place to add to his tally.

Moto 1 Moto 2 = Overall Finish
Kyle Cunningham 8th 4th = 4th
Gareth Swanepoel 4th 16th = 8th
Gannon Audette 15th 14th = 14th

Also making the big show again, was Kyle Partridge our 450F pilot who put two steady moto’s together going 28-38 for 34th overall.

Star Racing is proudly supported by:
DNA Shred Stix, Yamaha Motor Corp, Scott Sports, N-Fab, FMF, Cosworth, Sycuan Casino, North County Yamaha, DNA Energy Drink, GYTR, Factory Effex, Dunlop, Easton EXP, Enzo, Renegade Fuels, Sunstar, Motion Pro, ARC, ODI Grips, RK Chains, Excel A60 rims, Yamalube, Ride Engineering, Twin Air, LightSpeed, Braking, Vortex Ignitions, ICW, JD Built, Crank Works, Eibach, Met Tec, Tammer MX

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MotoConcepts Unadilla Wrap-Up

August 16th, 2011 RK EXCEL No comments

Tommy Hahn:

Tommy showed up in Unadilla injured. He popped his shoulder out twice the week prior to the race. Tommy did good in practice despite the incovenience of an injured shoulder on a demanding track like Unadilla, he was 8th and 7th fastest in the 2 practice sessions. After a bad start in moto 1, Tommy was only 22nd after the first lap and 16th on lap 2 when he dislocated his shoulder again landing in a braking bump. Tommy will need to get surgery to fix this problem he’s having since several years and we might not see him race again this motocross season…

Jake Canada:

Jake showed up in New York determined to improve his results. His practice times showed it. Jake was 11th fastest in qualifying, his best so far this season. Bad start for him in Moto 1 too by finishing the first lap in 30th position. Jake rode a strong moto and caught up to 11th. Top 10 was a realistic goal but when he got in Kyle Regal’s wheel he was missing a little “juice” after his big charge to catch up. In moto 2, the start wasn’t much better being 22nd on the first lap. Jake caught up to 14th and finished the race at the same spot. His moto scores of 11-14 gave him a 10th overall! JC592 can still do better and we’ll use the weekend off to be even more ready for the last 3 races.

Ben Lamay:

Ben was 17th fastest in practice and couldn’t get a top 30 start in both motos. Are you serious Ben? He crashed a couple times and finished the first moto in 21st. His second moto was way better. He was far back at the beginning but charged all the way to the finish line to get 15th. Same as for Jake, Ben will have 2 weeks to improve his speed/technique/fitness to finish the last 3 races of the season strong!
Team MotoConcepts would like to thank his sponsors: MotoConcepts Rider Accessories, MotoGraphics, MotoOptics, Yamaha, FMF Power Beverage, Oneal USA, Unit Clothing, FMF Racing, Motorex Oil, GYTR, Vortex, Shoei, Dunlop, Alpinestars, VP Fuels, DT1 Filters, Enzo Racing, RK Racing Chains, Excel Rims, QTM Brakes, Guts Seat, XTrig, Cycra Plastics, Eko, Mantis United
MotoConcepts, based in Spokane, WA, is an innovative manufacturer of Motorsports Accessories designed for the professional and recreational racer and rider. Products include the award-winning MotoPad, MotoStand, MotoOptics, MotoShelf, MotoStep, MotoBin, and Helmet Hook. For more information visit:

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Blazusiak wins Everett Endurocross

August 15th, 2011 RK EXCEL No comments

Red Bull/KTM rider Taddy Blazusiak proved why he holds the number one plate in the AMA EnduroCross Series when he took the victory at the second round of the series held in Everett, WA.

Fresh off his X-Games Gold medal win two weeks ago, Blazusiak was ready to throw a leg over his KTM 350 XC-F and claim another win. He started the day off great after turning the fastest hot lap time in the afternoon qualifier. He coupled that with a win in the first heat which gave him the first transfer spot to the main event. The second spot was given to FMF/KTM rider Mike Brown who finished 2nd in that same heat.

Blazusiak went on to continue his dominance when he nailed the holeshot in the main event and never looked back to cruise to an easy win. His teammate Brown battled around 3rd place through the majority of the race showing great speed in all sections with the exception of the fire pit. “I struggled in the fire pit and it cost me some time today. I feel like I could have easily been in the top three but every time I got back to that pit I took a bad line and allowed the guys to catch back up to me,” remarked Brown. At the end of the ten lap main event Brown was able to hold on to finish 4th.

Next Event: Indianapolis, IN – August 26, 2011

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Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki Wilson Rides to first Overall Win

August 15th, 2011 RK EXCEL No comments

CORONA, Calif. (August 15, 2011) – Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Dean Wilson broke through to the top of the podium with his first overall win of the season at Unadilla in New Berlin, N.Y. during the ninth round of the AMA Motocross Championship series. There was no question that he was the overall winner as he put together two moto wins aboard his Pro Circuit-prepared Kawasaki KX250F. Teammate Blake Baggett came back in both motos to capture the runner-up spot with a 2-3 moto result, while Tyla Rattray and Broc Tickle didn’t find the luck of their other two teammates, finishing 11th and 18th, respectively.

The current points leader had shown he was consistent all season, but had yet to capture the moto combination that would lead a weekend victory until Unadilla. Both motos looked identical as he took over the lead on the second lap and rode steadily to victory.

“It’s been a little hard this season to not have a win under my belt, but I finally got that monkey off my back,” said Wilson. “I think the difference today was that I was having more fun out there and really being able to enjoy racing. I love whipping it off jumps and giving the fans something to cheer about. This year has been good so far and getting two moto wins helped out the points lead.”

Making his way through the pack in both motos, Baggett was able to make smart passes that put him on the podium once again. In the first moto, he overcame two small crashes to make his way up to second, while the second moto saw him move from outside the top-10 to finish third for second overall.

“It’s coming down to the wire and I need to step up and get some more moto wins in order to have a chance at beating my teammate,” said Baggett. “I have the most wins out of anyone this season, but the few races I was off haven’t helped me pressure him for the championship like I would have wanted. You never know what can happen so I’ll be fighting until the end.”

After a great first moto coming through the pack for third, Rattray was forced to retire early from the second moto after a crash on the opening lap. He was uninjured in the crash, and his 3-36 moto result pushed him just outside the top-10 to finish 11th overall.

“Today was pretty hard because I worked hard in the first moto to put myself in good position to keep second in the points,” said Rattray. “Then I just made a mistake and crashed in the second moto and basically took myself out of the championship race. I know it’s not over, which is why I’ll be going after more wins to finish out the season at least on top of the podium.”

Not able to catch a break at the upstate New York track, Tickle still was able to show his perseverance throughout the day. A collision with another rider forced him to retire early from the first moto, and his never-give-up attitude pushed him through the pack in the second moto. He charged from outside the top-20 to finish 13th for 18th overall.

“I can’t seem to get a break during the outdoors season,” said Tickle. “I know I’m riding well, but random incidents throughout the season have pushed out of top-10 contention. When I have two solid motos, I know that I can get a good result at the end. I’ll be working hard over the next two weeks to make sure I have done all that I can to get the results I know I deserve.”

The AMA Motocross Championship series will take a weekend break before resuming August 27 at MX-338 in Southwick, Mass. After nine rounds, Wilson remains in the lead with 396 points, while Baggett moved into second with 371 points. Rattray moved into third with 353, while Tickle is now in seventh with 195 points.


About Pro Circuit
Based in Corona, Calif., Pro Circuit Inc. is a leader in off-road motorcycle and ATV exhausts and aftermarket performance parts. Started in 1978, Pro Circuit is the go to shop for recreational riders and professionals for everything from suspension work to complete engine packages, and everything in between.

Created by former desert racer Mitch Payton, Pro Circuit proves its products and services week-in and week-out through its tagline “We Race.” Every product that dons the Pro Circuit stamp stems from the legendary Pro Circuit race team. A staple in the professional paddock, Pro Circuit Racing has earned 26 AMA championships and more than 200 race wins in more than 30 years of competition.

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Muscle Milk/Toyota/JGRMX Unadilla Results

August 15th, 2011 RK EXCEL No comments

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (August 13, 2011) – Unadilla Valley Sports Center in New Berlin, N.Y. was host to round nine of the AMA Pro Motocross Championship. The event which carries the moniker “The Thrilla at Unadilla” enjoys a 40 year heritage having been a stop on the inaugural AMA Pro Motocross Championship tour in 1972. The word “Unadilla” is an Iroquois term that means “place of meeting.” The motocross faithful have been meeting and racing there since 1969, even before the birth of the AMA Pro Motocross Championship.

As reported last week, Davi Millsaps recently underwent surgery to repair a meniscal tear in his knee. The surgery was successful and Millsaps is recuperating. During his recovery Les Smith is substituting for Millsaps.

When the pack rounded the first turn at the start of moto one the number 10 of Justin Brayton found himself in 10th position with Smith just a couple of places behind. By about the midway point Brayton had advanced to eighth with Smith 11th. Smith suffered a hard crash while attempting to move into the top-10 on lap seven. He remounted in 16th and was able to hold that position until with only two laps remaining his badly damaged motorcycle began shedding battered parts causing Smith to limp the injured bike to the checkers 23rd out of the 40 rider field. Brayton finished the moto in eighth.

Brayton gated well at the start of the second moto, beginning the race inside the top-five. Smith, still feeling the effects of his first moto crash had difficulty early on running off the track while in a top-10 position and finding himself at the rear of the field in 33rd. He was able to salvage a 26th place finish. Brayton had drifted back a couple of positions during the early stage of the race but made a determined charge back into the top-five as the laps wound down only to slide out in a turn seconds later. He was up quickly only losing three positions falling back to eighth with four to go. Brayton was able to advance to seventh at the checkers. Smith’s 23 – 26 moto results gave him 26th overall on the day, while Brayton was awarded seventh for his eight – seven moto scores.

The first moto from Unadilla was broadcast live on and FUEL TV, the second moto aired live on NBC. There will be a Unadilla highlights and re-cap show Thursday, Aug. 18 at 10:00 p.m. (EST) on FUEL TV. After a one week break, the next round of the series will be on Aug. 27 at Motocross 338 in Southwick, Mass. The first moto will be aired live on and FUEL TV at 1:00 p.m. (EST). The second moto will be broadcast at 9:00 p.m. (EST) on SPEED.

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